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Friday, May 15, 2015

Big Wow Comic Fest 2015 Part II ( the rest of the pictures )

Get down, get down!

Doctor's in the house!

Suzanne and the Jones' boys, oh, and Kahn too!

Ms. Marvel & Jubilee!


Spidey shopping!

My table neighbors, the Jack Kirby Museum!

Former fellow members of the LA Comic Book Club ( 1960's ) all grown up.
Steve Sherman, Bruce Simon and Mark Badger.

Steve Wyatt making the rounds.

Jim Steranko!

Neal Adams!

Heroes And Dice! Anthony!

Scott Shaw!

Joel Adams!

Silk Spectre, Batman and Suzanne!

And Behind door number two....

Deathstroke and Cap!

Zatana's disco mania!

Great neighbors, Kehlee Does Things

After the Con was over Fun times...with time travelers...

Vampi as a future companion?

Th...tha...that's all folks!

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