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Monday, May 11, 2015

Big Wow Comic Fest 2015 Part I

Silk Spectre showing off our Big Wow table.
Me and Kahn, the Kahn from the 1982 second Star Trek movie " The Wrath Of Kahn", that   I worked on as a special effects animator for Peter Kuran's VCE ( Visual Concepts Engineering ).  Old school pen, paper, roto-scoping, hand painted cells shot through layers of plexi glass with light from below that I also shot frame by frame.

Gettin' green!

Monty Python moments....

Kraven and the Enchantress!

Gettin' Green, Pinky style.

Suzanne Tucker, John Roach and Keith Tucker!

Suzanne and I with Spidey's!

Ryu and Wonder Woman!

Shy Chun Li

Captain Gossamer!

Cletus, the Desert Cobra Officer sketch cover commission.
I drew storyboards for GI Joe back in the eighties.  I even drew the second season's main title sequence.

YOOoooooo Joe!

My Elelator!  ( Really, I drew storyboards for this fan favorite)


That's all the photo's I have time to post right now, I still have a lot more GREAT Big Wow photo's to post!  Then Wizard World Las Vegas con too.

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