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Friday, March 16, 2018

Emerald City Comic Con 2018

Suzanne & Keith Tucker welcome you to ECCC 2018
Let's start with...
...A rooftop party for Renton City Comic Con!
where I was interviewed!

Big thanks to Sean Wynn, The Comic Dads, Radioactive Geek, Renton City Comic Con, Slager Fuj Creative Media, and everyone else who helped make this event happen. 
See it at this link... 
( I'm the second guest )

Abie Eke & Suzanne Tucker

Sean Wynn wave for camera!

Now back to the show floor and our booth right down Funco Pop Lane!
And who are you going to call?

Oh Canada!

A Dr. Who Family...

My Dr. Who art signed by David Tennant & Companion.

An early version when I thought Wakko would look funny with Luke's 1970's hairstyle in the first Star Wars film.  I since changed it favoring a helmet for Wakko instead.

Eric Coy and his Tardis!

Thank You Emerald City Comic Con!
See you next year!

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