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Friday, April 15, 2016

Emerald City Comic Con 2016

We're Backkkkkkk...! Bigger and Better!

Sailor Moon and Shera!


Sailor Moon And Mamoru Chiba!

                                                                        Happy Fans!

Suzanne and Loki!

Natahan Fillion's Captain Mal Reynolds and Castle!

GI Joe aficionado!

Wookie time!

Look out Rio, Bowie's movin' in on your girl.

Super Ms Piggy!

Wayne's World!


L'l' Chun Li!

Wonder & Bat Cheerleaders!

Ace Ventura!

Suzanne and Alf!
                                                              Flintstone Bowling day!

You know what Jack Burton always says....

Harley, Cats and Ivy!

Harley, Cat-woman, Poison Ivy, Suzanne and Keith!


Firefly's  Jayne and Kaylee

I forgot who these Video game guy's were....

Me and the Holograms!

Ace Ventura's!

Fairy time!

The Batman Family!

Here ye, hear ye....

Cap unmasked!

Umbrella corp in the house!

Out cute'n the Holograms.

What does the fox say?

Being interviewed for Yoshi's Trans Missions Podcast.

A lost boy finds the Holograms.

On the last day of the con I held a panel discussing my career in Animation with some projected pictures.  About a hundred or so people showed up.  Thank you.

and that's all folks....

Suzanne and the Holograms..

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