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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Phoenix Comic Con 2016

I've been incredibly busy since Phoenix Comic Con, my apologies for the lateness of these Phoenix Comic Con Pictures.  You can always blame city hall and the Mayor.

A sweet surprise was waiting for us at the hotel...  That's Harley's hammer, made out of chocolate, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

You ate my Chocolate hammer?!!!

And there was also Animated Ian, a really great kid!

Suzanne gets a big dose of Furry fandom!

Where we wuz!

They're Pinky and the Brain, brain...brain...

A couple of characters I drew come to life!

An original!


Another day at the con over, see you tomorrow....

Your morning shave?

Your morning dance?

Your morning Kabonk?!!

Silly selfie!

Things were going great the second day...but then...unexpectedly the Spanish Inquisition showed up!


A doctor in the house.

Things got a little strange...

A GREAT Guiver costume, all the way from the North West too.

I am not a chicken!

Same family, different outfits....

And same family, AGAIN...different outfits...

The conventions over?  Oh my.

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