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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rose City Comic Con-2017

Jess Harnell dropped by our table to say hi!
And for the uninformed, here's who Jess is,.

And here's a wider shot!

From Courage the Cowardly Dog, Eustances Ooga Booga Face.

The Cherry City folk on Rose's birthday.

Craig Nelson Cos-Play

Living long and prospering.

Eric Coy and his Tardis. ( He built it and has several Doctor's sign it on the larger, inside.)

Vote for Cornelius ( Allan Quick )

This GI Joe Costume Club made me an honorary member for my many contributions to the GI Joe Franchise.  ( I storyboarded the second season's main title sequence and I also drew boards for many episodes as well.)

Cornelius ( Allan Quick )

Eric & Christelle Coy with the 12th Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi.

Eric & Christelle Coy, Suzanne and myself photo op.

And that's all we have for Rose City 2017.
See Ya at RC-2018

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