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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Cherry City Comic Con & North West Comic Con 2017

So we headed South to Salem...

...and found a little traffic on the way...

Joel Addams dropped by.  

The winner of the Best Costume at Cherry City 2017

And that's it for Cherry City 2017.  Later in  the year I was a guest at Cherry Cities sister con in Tillamook. The Northwest Comic Con ( Now called Oregon Coast Comic Con ).
So we made our journey to the coast through the canyon on a very rainy day...


Fun commissions! 

GREAT Cosplay by Brandy Dixon

Suzanne and Natahan Johns and his GREAT Cosplay (Spidey)



It was a 2 day show so we checked out the Coastline after the show, It's Summer so the days are longer.

We loved this building!

I gave a talk about my years in the world of the 80's & 90's as a storyboard artist.

Nathan Johns and I fooling around, Spidey style!

And then the show was over... 
We hit the road and headed home.  Notable as we drove home in the early evening a large white owl flew in front of our car as we began our journey through the canyon...

Also notable was when we were almost through the canyon a large and noble stag stepped into the road, we stopped in front of him as he turned his gaze on us, and then bounded out of our way as he headed towards his intended destination.  Cool!

Keith Tucker, Floydman Sumner, Suzanne Tucker and Steve Martin

Neil Jorge

See you at the next Comic Con!

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