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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Calgary Comics & Entertainment Expo! April 27 to the 30th, 2017


                     So first we board an Air Canada prop plane and head north...

We got there early so we could be tourists and had planned to rent a car and do some sight seeing, but it snowed the night we got there. So we took to the beautiful streets of Calgary and met some big fans.

Then we visited the Glenbow Museum.
Where Suzanne met the smaller counterparts to the larger statues we found on our walk.
So just before the convention started they held a MASSIVE parade
at the downtown shopping district.
If you ever make it up to the Calgary Expo

Much thanks to Adara & Jonah Harnish for all their help and enthusiasm.

Very clever costumes for an exceptional Dr. Who episode.

Spiderman Unlimited & Spidey.  

Fun comissin, Brain-Cat!


See ya at the next comic con!

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