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Friday, May 6, 2016

Cherry City # 03 2016

Keith and Suzanne.

Suzanne and  Ryan Wells as Skeksis

Suzanne Tucker and Margot Kidder.

Nichole Brune and the Holograms!

John Roach ( aka Mr. Nichole) Suzanne Tucker  and Laura Kat McHatton

Deadpool, Suzanne & Domino.
But Bernie gets our vote!

Suzanne and Laura Kat.

Sevengali Zurbach of...

Suzanne and Spidey aka-( Spiderman, Alex Walker Smith @dragontheater )

Dead Pool for Prez, but my vote goes to Bernie Saunders!

Zachary Weitzel's awesome cosplay iron suit guy.

Laura Kat and Timothy Mchatton of...

BB 8 rolls by...

Jedi Tony!

The Enchanting Dragon Theater Crew!

Brian Linss

Sketch for Jem and the Holograms Fan Russquatch...

Suzanne, John & Laura selfie.

You drew my childhood...(It never gets old hearing this.)

Now back to work.

Nichole Brune once again.

Jedi Tony in Da' house!

Joker and his 
super little one.

Pencils for a fun sketch cover commission.

                                                                Inking progresses...

                                Final inks and markers for this very fun sketch cover commission!

The Fantastic Four was in the house!

It's a Muppett!

Pop Culture Northwest forgot their banner, I had to help out.

Moved to man cave.

Tank girl in da' house!

Flash Gordon star Sam Jones!
Fla-a-a-sh....Savior of the universe!

Jedi Tony, from  

Be seeing you at the next Comic Con!

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