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Monday, February 29, 2016

Wizard World Portland 2016

Bradey Danger ( aka Iron Man )  &  Stan The Man Lee!


Niki drew this for me, wow!

Who knew that Belle was a Jem Fan!

You know things are gettin' fun when Wakko shows up!


Niki the girl with the dragon tattoo!

Suzanne and Magneto photobombed by Deadpool!


Bat's an' Scarecrow!

Whoo, whoo it's Agent Carter!! 

Sketch cover commission!

Too cool not to post!


                                                       I got to play in the Tardis, whoo Whoo!

Dr. Who & Luke Cage!!!

Jem Sketch cover!

Transformers Sketch Cover!
I drew storyboards for Transformers Gen I!

Elijah meets Swamp Thing!

Fun Commission!

Eric Coy &  Christelle Morgan & friend.

The greatest American Hero!

A balloon-a-corn!


Deadpool family with Suzanne and I.

After con dinner at Pepino's on Hawthorne!

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