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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Experience-2015

Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City 

Ant Man and Bat Girl drop by.

Cool costumes but I don't know who they are, please comment and let us know.

Gee I don't know who this character is, please let us know.

Galvatron no doubt.

Deadpool family.

Training Dragons oh my.

Lil' Shera has the power!

Doc Ock and Starlord duke it out!

This is the droid were looking for.

Gee I just don't know who this chap is.  Comment and let us know.

Keith Tucker Drawin'

Furry fandom guys I can't name.  Please let us know.

Con Commission.

Snow White, Frozen's Anna,  Belle and Capt. Hook, oh my.

Great costumes that I don't know the characters names, please help by commenting.

Aerial and a certain Steam Punk Droid.

I'm wondering which winged character this is.

Beautiful dress from......

Wayne's world!  Party on Garth!

Lil' Cap!

Great costume and again I'm at a loss for a name.

Keith & Suzanne flanking Arrow and friend.

Galaxy Quest's Thermian Crew members!

Harley bonks me once again!

Edward Scissor hands.

Sandman and Death.

Snow White and a Box Troll.

Fantastic costume.  Someone please comment and let us know who the character is.

Wow, who ever these guys are.

Man I'm completely at a loss for these last character's names.


Carmen San Diego and Two Face.

Spidey and Suzanne.

Harley and The Joker.

Busy con.


Take a storm trooper kid to work day.

Mother of Dragons.

Great costumes but no character names, please comment and let us know.

Butterfly maiden.

Our table mates.

Steam Punkin...
The WB Tower and the escaping Animaniacs....

That's All Folks!

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